Open Source Storage Delivers Enterprise-Class Features in a Cost-Efficient Solution

Data storage volumes continue to grow exponentially, creating challenges for organizations of all sizes. Smaller organizations in particular struggle to scale their storage environments and effectively protect and manage data to minimize business risk. Open source storage platforms can help

Why Tape Storage Is Seeing a Renaissance in the Modern IT Environment

Despite repeated predictions of its impending demise, tape storage remains a remarkably healthy technology. In fact, industry analysts expect exponential increases in the tape storage market due to emerging use cases as well as the need for low-cost, high-capacity data

Why More Organizations are Moving Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Even with increased awareness of the cost of downtime, the majority of North American businesses aren’t ready to deal with an IT-related disaster. In a recent survey of about 1,000 IT professionals and executives, 68.5 percent of respondents admitted to

How NVMe Helps You Take Full Advantage of High-Performance Applications

IDC has predicted the avalanche of data will reach 44 zettabytes by 2020 and 163 zettabytes by 2025. As data volumes explode, organizations don’t just want more insights from their data. They want those insights faster. They expect the IT

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