Data Center Fire Suppression: Is Your IT Infrastructure Protected?

OVHcloud Data Center Fire in France In March 2021, OVHcloud’s five-story, 5,400-square-foot SBG2 data center in Strasbourg, France was destroyed by ghastly fire that took over six hours to extinguish. Not only was the company’s SBG1 facility heavily damaged, but

How Rack Power Distribution Units Help You Future-Proof Your Data Center

One of the biggest challenges faced by IT managers is how to keep up with the rate of technology change. As hardware evolves and new tools are constantly introduced, organizations need to design their data centers in a way that

Are Your PDUs Flexible Enough to Meet Today’s Data Center Demands?

You would think that plugging a device into an electrical outlet would be the simplest operation in the data center. However, the diverse and ever-changing array of IT equipment comes with a variety of different power cords, and that makes

The Data Center UPS: A Primer

The fragility of the electric grid was demonstrated once again as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused widespread power outages. However, it doesn’t take a natural disaster to bring the grid down — our aging electric infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to

How In-Row Cooling Increases Data Center Efficiency

Cooling efficiency is a top priority for today’s data center operators. Increased data center densities enable operators to deliver more processing power in the same amount of space to meet the demands of cloud and hyper-scale environments. As more power

Why Zone Cabling Is Ideal for Integrating Smart Systems with the IoT

In the previous post, we discussed why structured cabling is critical to the Internet of Things (IoT). Organizations are rethinking structured cabling as they seek to integrate building automation, energy management, smart lighting and other systems with the IP network

Why Structured Cabling Is Critical to the IoT

We could trot out the statistics about the billions of Internet-connected devices, objects, sensors, corporate assets and other “things” that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT), but you get the general idea. It’s massive, and it’s growing quickly. While insights

Data Center White Space Is Available, But You Have to Nail the Buildout

In a previous post, we discussed why data center operators are expanding beyond major metropolitan areas to build edge data centers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. This makes it possible for large service providers such as YouTube and

Data Center Cooling Technologies That Improve IT Efficiency And Save Costs

Staying cool in the summer is at the top of everybody’s list. The same is true for data centers. Data centers have an insatiable appetite for power. They need massive amounts of power for running and cooling their facilities. Think

High Density Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

At Rahi, we are proud to work with several large web services and hyper-scale customers! Our customers push the envelope when it comes to populating density in the rack, starting with as simple as 1920-cores in a single rack. High