Data Center Optimization Can Help Meet Reliability and Agility Demands

End-users aren’t the only ones working from home. Many IT staff are also doing their jobs remotely, making it imperative to find ways to manage and maintain data center infrastructure without going onsite. This comes at a time when highly

Why More Enterprises Are Adopting Network Functions Virtualization

Networking has always been a hardware-centric affair. Organizations purchase, implement and maintain a wide array of routers, switches, load balancers and other gear on a device-by-device basis. The result is a highly complex network environment that is difficult to manage

A Day in the Life of a Chinese Engineer

Ming Gao is a system engineer based in Shanghai. Before finishing his degree in the university, Ming knew exactly where his interests and strengths lay, the field of computer science. He knew very well that he wanted to become an

A Day in the Life… of an Irish Engineer

A passion for computers from an early age and an inquisitive mind that pondered the workings of machines inspired Rory Byrne’s career choice. Rory, who is from Dublin, Ireland, is a Data Center Engineer with Rahi Systems. Headquartered in Fremont,

Why Your Data Center Buildout Should Be Managed by Infrastructure Experts

When it comes to building out a data center, it’s important to partner with a solution provider who has expertise in power, cooling, cabling and other aspects of the physical infrastructure. It also makes good sense to have that solution

How to Close Data Center Skills Gaps with the Right Training and Certifications

Read our latest Press Release In many industries, a professional certification or license shows that you have the minimal educational background and experience necessary to offer a service. IT is not one of those industries. Unlike doctors, lawyers, CPAs and

The Right Tools Make Data Center Operations Safer and More Efficient

Data center operators are always looking for ways to save money and improve efficiency. Having the right tools can shave minutes off of common tasks, reducing costs and freeing up valuable staff resources. That’s why server lifts have an important

Turkey’s Role in the Growing Data Center Market in the Middle East

Microsoft recently announced plans to open its first data centers in the Middle East in 2019. Amazon will open its first data center region in the Middle East by early 2019, with three availability zones planned. German software giant SAP

Choosing the Right Racks and Cabinets for Your Data Center

There are a number of reasons why data center densities are increasing. Business demands on IT are growing, and IT loads are less predictable. Data center managers are adding capacity to stay ahead of the curve. At the same time,

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