Rahi Systems Partners with Spirent to Deliver Lab as a Service Solution

Rahi’s data center and networking experts help customers build out lab environments that fully leverage Spirent’s Velocity platform. Fremont, Calif. — November 14, 2019 — Rahi Systems announced today that it has partnered with Spirent to deliver a Lab as

A Day in the Life… of an Irish Engineer

A passion for computers from an early age and an inquisitive mind that pondered the workings of machines inspired Rory Byrne’s career choice. Rory, who is from Dublin, Ireland, is a Data Center Engineer with Rahi Systems. Headquartered in Fremont,

The Rahi Approach to Data Center Migration

There are a number of reasons why an organization might need to relocate data center equipment. As IT demands increase an organization may run out of data center space and need to move to a larger facility. Conversely, consolidation projects

Day 1 in the Data Center: Prepare for Constant Change

Maybe you’ve just completed a data center buildout and moved all of your racks, cabinets and IT equipment into the facility. Or maybe you’ve moved your data center from one facility to another, or expanded into additional space. Congratulations! You’ve

Are VXLANs Really the Future of Data Center Networks?

Fun Fact: At a recent networking conference we attended, a poll was taken and it was discovered that more people in the room knew what country Oslo was the capital of, than those that knew how VxLAN works. Why VXLAN

OLED or QLED: What Is the Future of Flat-Panel Displays?

If you were alive in the 1970s, you probably remember the videotape “format war” between Sony’s Betamax and JVC’s Video Home System (VHS). Betamax offered slightly higher picture resolution and better audio, but VHS was less expensive and provided longer

Designing and Deploying WLAN for the Customer Experience

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) have become the key piece of any enterprise’s core infrastructure and network planning. Businesses that have publicly accessible areas (lobbies, hospitals, airports, etc.) deploy WLAN for their mobile visitors to offer them comfort/convenience, and to

How to Use Aisle Containment to Increase Data Center Efficiency

For years, organizations have been using hot-aisle/cold-aisle configurations to manage airflow in the data center, extend the life of equipment and lower cooling costs. In a hot-aisle/cold-aisle layout, the fronts of the server racks face each other and draw in

How SD-WAN is Transforming Networks for Enterprises

Large enterprise level businesses, or smaller businesses that are beginning to expand, face major problems of coordinating and transferring data over vastly spaced geographical locations. In order to connect these data centers, or branches of the enterprise together, so they

Why Structured Cabling Is Critical for the Industrial Internet of Things

The structured cabling market is expected to grow from $11 billion in 2018 to $25 billion by 2025, according to newly published research by Report Consultant. That represents a compound annual growth rate of more than 14 percent. Rapidly increasing